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3 Things to Know if You Are Considering Mail-Order Abortion

If you are considering mail-order abortion, you should know three things:

1. An Ultrasound Provides Necessary Health Details.

An ultrasound will tell you your gestational age and the location and viability of your pregnancy.

Before ordering the abortion pill online, you will want to know these details because they can alter your next steps. For instance, if an ultrasound identifies you are beyond ten weeks of pregnancy, another abortion procedure might be considered safer.

Or, if an ultrasound detects ectopic pregnancy (when it’s outside the uterus) or a miscarriage (a non-viable pregnancy), the abortion pill would no longer make sense. It’s important to note that the abortion pill does not treat an ectopic pregnancy. While ectopic pregnancy only occurs in about 2% of pregnancies, it’s not worth the chance of leaving it undetected.

2. Overseas and Unregulated Pharmacies Can Present Greater Risks.

If a pharmacy is outside of the U.S. drug supply chain, the FDA cannot guarantee the quality, safety, or effectiveness of the drugs it ships to you. This lack of oversight means you won’t be sure whether they are even the right drugs, let alone the correct dosage.

The FDA advises against ordering mifepristone online for this reason. 

3. It’s in Your Best Interest to Have Medical Supervision.

Beginning the abortion pill regimen without medical supervision could create issues for a few reasons. First, you might not talk with a medical professional about your allergies, current prescriptions, and health conditions before taking the drugs.

Suppose you are on a blood thinner or have a certain bleeding disorder. A supervising physician would likely recommend another procedure due to the risks of the abortion pill. However, mail-order abortion providers may not screen for pre-existing conditions.

Second, if you did begin to have signs of an incomplete abortion or infection after mail-order abortion, you may not have easy access to a physician or any pre-scheduled follow-up appointments. Complications might mean seeking emergency care or contacting a new physician for urgent treatment. 

Medical supervision is in your best interest for fast treatment and monitoring to prevent serious complications.

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