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Pregnancy Testing

Need to confirm your pregnancy? A pregnancy test is your first step of the confirmation process so you can move forward with confidence and clarity. Here is what you will want to know about how pregnancy testing works and what's next if you receive a positive pregnancy test at our clinic. Our pregnancy tests are free and confidential!

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Ultrasounds will bring tons of clarity to you in your pregnancy journey. It's a must when determining your pregnancy options. Pathways Clinic offers free, limited ultrasounds to confirm that a pregnancy is located within the uterus, confirm a heartbeat and determine gestational age (how many weeks pregnant you are). It can clear up any questions or concerns you already have. 

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Community Resources

We at Pathways Clinic, we offer a variety of community resources so you feel supported in your pregnancy journey. We hope our support gives you hope and clarity for the future. We are here to help in any way we can - and answer your many questions along the way.

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