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Am I Ready to Parent?

Parenting can often feel like an overwhelming option, but you may be surprised at the support available to you. Many women and men find it difficult to navigate all the questions that come with an unplanned pregnancy. You are not alone.

Maybe you’re young, or a single parent, and are figuring out if this is the right option for you. Parenting comes with great responsibility but also great love and joy in the process. Parenting is not impossible, as there are so many resources and people available to help you along the way. 

If you’re considering the parenting journey, you are not alone. You may ask yourself…

  • How am I going to take care of a baby while going to school/work?
  • How do I support my child financially?
  • Will my partner support me?
  • What will my friends and family think?
  • What support is available?

Make Sure You’re Pregnant

Be sure to confirm your pregnancy before making a final pregnancy decision with a lab-quality pregnancy test and ultrasound. These are essential for understanding what options you qualify for, learning how far along you are, and if your pregnancy is viable (healthy and growing). An ultrasound will also alert you to any possible pregnancy complications like ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. 

At Pathways Clinic, we offer no-cost and confidential pregnancy confirmation services so you can get clarity about your options. Get the answers you need to take your next step. 

Who Will Support Me?

We can help. Parenting can be a struggle at any age no matter what the circumstances. We offer the help you need to consider a plan to parent.

We know that there are no perfect circumstances and certainly no perfect parents. At Pathways, our role is to encourage, educate and provide resources to help you through the parenting process. We provide parenting education and tools to empower you to make healthy decisions for yourself and your child(ren). 

Schedule your appointment to talk more about this option and resources!

Confidence Comes With Choosing Courage Over Fear.