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Can I Get the Abortion Pill by Mail?

As of August 2023, Washington has no law against women receiving the abortion pill by mail. However, this could change depending on the Supreme Court’s review of a ruling that would ban abortion telemedicine and delivery by mail.

There’s no official date set for the Supreme Court to hear the case, but it’s likely to be in the next term between October and June.

If you’re considering ordering the abortion pill by mail, here are a few safety factors.

1. Not All Online Pharmacies Are Legitimate.

Protect your health and safety by steering clear of any overseas or unregulated pharmacies. These illegitimate pharmacies bypass important FDA safeguards to protect women’s health. 

Due to a lack of FDA oversight, there’s no way to guarantee the quality of the drugs or if you received the correct drug or dosage, which increases health risks.

2. Medical Supervision Is Critical for the Abortion Pill.

Taking the abortion pill without medical supervision could mean essential details get missed, such as having a health condition or an allergy that makes the abortion pill no longer an option for you.
Additionally, a medical professional can provide an ultrasound to ensure your pregnancy is located inside the uterus (not ectopic), within the FDA-approved gestational guidelines (under ten weeks pregnant), and viable (progressing with a heartbeat).

Ectopic pregnancies can be life-threatening and require immediate medical attention. The abortion pill will not be able to treat it. Miscarriage could also require medical attention if it doesn’t resolve on its own.

3. Period Trackers Aren’t Always Accurate.

While period tracking apps are helpful tools, they aren’t perfect predictors of your period, pregnancy, or how far along you are. You could be over ten weeks pregnant by the time you make an estimate and also wait for the abortion pill to arrive in the mail.

Since the FDA has only approved the abortion pill through ten weeks, receiving an ultrasound first is crucial so you know your gestational age with certainty.

Advocate for Your Health

We encourage you to keep asking questions about the abortion pill. Talk with experts, and know the risks to make an informed choice.

While we do not refer for or provide abortions, we offer information, pregnancy testing, and ultrasounds to guard your health. Schedule an appointment today for a free-of-charge appointment in a professional and safe setting.

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