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Is an Online Abortion or At-Home Abortion Safe?

An online abortion uses medications to terminate a pregnancy. While this may seem safe, the lack of oversight and inability to regulate these medications, especially without a doctor’s advice, means you could be in danger.

Continue reading to learn more about online abortions and what they could mean for your health.

What Do I Need to Know About These Abortions?

Online or at-home abortions typically refer to abortion medications that can be obtained without a medical provider’s approval, often online. While these may have grown in popularity recently, they aren’t safe. 

The FDA cannot regulate medication purchased online, which is open to many problems. Without oversight, there is no way to guarantee you receive the correct dosages or even the proper medications, leading to dangerous health implications. 

Without a thorough physical exam performed by a doctor, you may ingest medications without being fully aware of the risks. Some women aren’t eligible for abortions, so taking these medications without a medical provider’s approval means that they could develop complications like hemorrhaging and infection. 

Essential Steps Before an Abortion Procedure

Regardless of the type of abortion procedure you seek, there are ways to minimize the risk of complications and safeguard your health. You should have an obstetric ultrasound with a lab-quality pregnancy test after confirming your pregnancy. 

Ultrasounds verify key pregnancy information such as viability, gestational age, and location of pregnancy. These details will tell you whether you are eligible for an abortion and, if so, which type of procedure you can have. Some abortion procedures can only be performed during the earlier stages of pregnancy, while others are carried out at later gestational ages.

Pathways Clinic offers limited ultrasounds that are free of charge. Diagnostic medical sonographers or registered nurses perform all ultrasounds.

Before an abortion, you should also have a physical with your medical provider and provide a complete health history, including an updated list of all medications and allergies. Protecting your health is most important!

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