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What are the Different Types of Abortion?

If you are unexpectedly pregnant, then you are likely experiencing a lot of different thoughts and emotions. If you are currently looking at your options,  you’ll discover that there are three different types of adoption, parenting, and abortion. If you are considering an abortion, then there are two different types of abortion. Read this article to know what you’re eligible for, any potential risks, as well as resources that are available to you. You’re not alone!

What is a Medical Abortion?

Medical abortions are induced by a series of drugs that are prescribed for pregnancies up to 10 weeks gestation. 

The first pill is mifepristone, which is a progesterone blocker. Progesterone is a hormone essential for pregnancy development, so this drug stops the pregnancy from progressing. 

Now that the pregnancy has been stopped, the second pill, misoprostol, is taken with the purpose of expelling any pregnancy tissue. It is usually taken 24-48 hours after the first pill, and contracts the uterus, and forces your body to empty the womb, much like the natural process of a miscarriage.

What is a Surgical Abortion?

A surgical abortion is also known as a suction aspiration abortion. This can be performed as early as a woman knows she is pregnant and up to sixteen weeks gestation.

This is a more invasive procedure that dilates your cervix and combines suction and other surgical tools to remove your pregnancy tissue. Unlike a medical abortion, surgical abortion requires a visit to a clinic. 

Risks of Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortions happen most often after the first trimester, when medical abortions are no longer an option, so it is important to know how far along you are. A no-cost ultrasound at our center can provide this information as well as eliminate the health risk of an ectopic pregnancy.

The Mayo Clinic lists the following as potential risks of surgical abortion:

  • Perforation of the uterus
  • Damage to the cervix
  • Infection
  • Scar tissue on the uterine wall

Risks of Medication Abortion

The Mayo Clinic lists the following risks associated with medical abortion:

  • Incomplete abortion (may need to be followed by surgical abortion)
  • An ongoing unwanted pregnancy (if the procedure doesn’t work)
  • Heavy/prolonged bleeding
  • Fever
  • Digestive system discomfort
  • Infection

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At Pathways Clinic, we offer no-cost ultrasounds and pregnancy tests (a test that will be required for an abortion procedure). Our staff is also available to answer any questions you have about your options and help you learn about community resources for expecting parents. Schedule an appointment today! 

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