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It can be hard to find data that addresses whether or not abortion can directly impact a woman’s mental health. 

Having an abortion is not an easy decision, and you may already be aware of some of the physical side effects such as bleeding and cramping, but read the rest of this article to learn more about how some women are affected emotionally after an abortion.


What is the Connection Between Mental Health and Abortion?

There are diverse opinions about how strong the connection is between women who suffer from mental health and have abortion. According to one study, experts can agree that “abortion is consistently associated with elevated rates of mental illness.”

This should be especially taken into consideration for women who struggle with mental health before having an abortion, since this could potentially exacerbate someone who is already struggling.


What Do Some Women Experience After Abortion?

One person’s experience is not prescriptive of what someone else’s pregnancy or abortion journey will look like; however, there are studies that describe the following mental health effects on women who had an abortion:



Although perhaps not as clinical as some of the above conditions, women who underwent an abortion also reported significant feelings of grief or loss.


Pre-Abortion Consultation

If you’re trying to decide the best route for you, make sure you are doing what it takes to achieve peace of mind as you are making this decision.

One of the best ways to gain clarity is more information, which can occur through our no-cost ultrasounds. This will confirm the age and viability of the pregnancy (necessary information to know if you qualify for an abortion) as well as eliminate the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy.


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