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Your girlfriend just told you she’s pregnant, and perhaps your mind is swimming with questions and worries about becoming a dad. If you’re considering abortion, you’ve likely asked yourself, “Will my insurance pay for her abortion?”

Unless you are in a legally binding relationship, your girlfriend cannot be added to your insurance plan and will not receive coverage for medical expenses, including abortion.

Is She Pregnant?

At-home pregnancy tests are reliable if taken at the right time. Pathways Clinic offers free, lab-quality pregnancy testing that is 99.8% accurate.

We’re here to confirm her pregnancy and answer your questions. If her test is positive, she can receive an ultrasound exam at no cost too.

Research indicates up to 20% of known pregnancies end in a natural miscarriage. The amount could be higher because many women miscarry before realizing they’re pregnant. 

Where Do You Get Answers?

Pathways Clinic provides you and your girlfriend with free healthcare services and gives you a safe space to explore your options.

As you seek answers to your questions, it’s important to remember you’re not alone. Millions of men have walked in your shoes before and found plenty of helpful resources. 

How Much Does Abortion Cost? 

Abortion costs vary because every pregnancy is unique. The cost of an abortion will depend on the age of the pregnancy, any existing medical conditions the woman may have, and the type of termination procedure used. 

For example, first trimester abortions, surgical or medical, can cost around $500, while later abortions can be upwards of $3000 out-of-pocket.   

What other costs are associated with abortion? 

Additional costs associated with abortion include…  

  • Screenings like lab-quality pregnancy tests and ultrasound scans
  • Follow-up care including medication, appointments, and emergency interventions in the case of abortion complications
  • Travel and housing, if necessary, to access the abortion

If you’re unsure about the potential costs to consider, schedule an appointment with one of our helpful staff members to learn more about your unique pregnancy.


Where can we find free pregnancy healthcare? 

If you and your girlfriend are looking for free pregnancy healthcare services, look no further! Pathways Clinic is your one-stop-shop for information. 

We provide essential pregnancy screenings (including pregnancy testing and ultrasound scans) for free.  You and your girlfriend will have space to express your concerns, learn your options, and ask any questions you both have. 

Schedule your free appointment today!

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